Leading Junk Car Buyers, You Could Say We are Giants in the Industry

Junk Car Giants are an auto salvage business that offers fantastic cash for cars in order to salvage, resell and repurpose the scrap metal and components we take from the vehicles we purchase from you and to you, our customers.

Starting from humble beginnings, we have always stuck to our core principles which have helped us become the business we are today, as well as industry leaders throughout the country. Staying true to being; honest, fair and reliable has kept us grounded, especially as we have grown.


What Makes Junk Car Giants Different?

We at Junk Car Giants, not only pay cash for cars but as auto salvagers, we go above and beyond to help not only rebuild faith in our industry but to provide outstanding customer service to everyone we speak to whether we are buying or selling, we want to ensure our customers receive good quality service, great prices for buyers and fair rates for sellers.

Unfortunately, we work in a highly competitive industry, surrounded by shady salvage yards that undercut and underpay customers for their junk cars, as well as over priced goods they sell on, leaving many people and businesses feeling angry and often ripped off.

That is why our mission is to help restore the reputation of our industry. To do that, we start by putting our money where our mouth is. We offer cash for cars regardless of the make, model and the condition it is in. Although it is worth noting, the condition of the car can alter the amount of cash we offer. We stand firmly in our belief that people should be offered fair rates, fair prices and excellent customer service at all times.

No matter where you are, once you have accepted our offer, our team will be sent out to you, collect your car and drop off your cash, all within 24 hours.


How Can We Help You?

Sadly, many junk car buyers have a frustrating habit of quoting, showing up and changing the rules. Often offering poor customer service and low rates as well. Not with us. Junk Car Giants stand firm by their simple principles that not only define who we are, but are also the core values by which we conduct ourselves. Plus we ALWAYS pay what we quote! It really is that simple.