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Sell your junk car today for up to $10.000! No matter the make, model, age or condition of the vehicle, regardless of whether it is running or not, there is always a deal to be done with Junk Car Giants.


How does it work?

We at Junk Car Giants are revolutionizing the junk car/auto salvage industry, with our simple and state-of-the-art process it couldn’t be easier to make cash for cars, regardless of the make, model and condition. All you have to do is follow our simple 3-step process.

Email, call or fill out our online form
Accept our generous offer of cash for your car
We collect your car and drop off your car

It really is that simple. If it’s junk to you, it’s cash for you as far as we’re concerned.



Despite our simple process, there are in fact several options available to you to choose from with regards to making up to $10,000 cash for cars.

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