Commonly Asked Questions About Our Junk Car Removal Service

We get it – selling you junk car can sometimes be a minefield. Whether it be finding a trustworthy buyer, having someone give you a good price for your vehicle, or if it is your first time using a junk car removal service, just knowing the process of how things work can sometimes be daunting.

It’s because we get it we have made the process of using our junk car removal service as easy as we possibly can. We give you an online quote from our website or either a phone call. You agree the price. We get one of our towers in your areas to pick up your car and give you the money that was agreed in full.

We have put together some of the more commonly asked questions when it comes to scrapping your junk car so you can have a look to see if any questions can be cleared up. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always contact us by clicking here and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get cash for my junk car?

We understand that sometimes you need cash for your junk car as soon as possible. Here at Junk Car Giants, we aim to collect your car within 24 hours of you accepting our quote. We will come and collect your car for free too!

Will you buy my junk car if it did not pass the emissions test/inspection?

We always have one eye on the environment. If you car doesn’t meet an emissions test/inspection we take all necessary measurements to make sure your junk car is recycled safely.

Do you buy junk vehicles other than cars?

Put simply, we buy all vehicles. SUVs, trucks, vans, you name it. We purchase all high mileage vehicles and your vehicle doesn’t even need to be running for us to purchase it. If you are unsure if we will take your vehicle, you can contact us here

Will you buy my junk car if I do not have the title?

YES. We will buy your junk car even if you do not have a title. Call 1-877-594-9313 now or fill out our on-line quote form.

My Junk Car does not run. Will you still buy it?

At Junk Car Giants, the condition of yor car does not matter. We offer a fair price on ALL vehicles, running or not.

What should I do with my license plate after I sell my junk car?

Once the tower arrives, you should remove the license plates from your junk car and return them to the DMV.

What do you do with the junk cars?

They are recycled. The junk cars are drained of environmentally hazardous fluids, reusable parts are removed and then the scrap metal is recycled for future use.